#115 – Selling An Erotic Newsletter and AI That Leaves Us Speechless

Sam Parr and Shaan Puri cohost the pod today. In today’s episode you’ll hear: Sam gives an update on his whereabouts (3:00), Sam and Shaan y’all about a new nursing shoe brand started by a former Nike employee (12:40), both guys brainstorm what other industries require standard clothing (18:55), Shaan talks about a podcast listener who sold his newsletter (23:20), Shaan and Sam kick around an idea of an app for a “leak proof” company all-hands meetings (28:05), Sam explains what Jeff Bezos did to create an internal newspaper when he bought the Washington Post (32:40), Shaan talks about using AI to write emails (36:10), Sam demonstrates some incredibly powerful technology from Open.ai and GPT3.