#125 – What is the Buy, Borrow, Die Process?

Shaan Puri and Sam Parr host the podcast today with a special guest Aaron, Shaan’s brother-in-law. Shaan’s brother-in-law Aaron joins the podcast and gives some hot takes on “tech-bros” (1:13), Aaron breaks down the “Buy, Borrow, Die” method to avoid paying taxes (3:20), Sam breaks down how he lived in San Francisco when he had no money (17:45), Shaan and Sam talk about the “buy nothing” lifestyle and Buy Nothing Project, a big player in that space (29:32), Sam and Shaan go deep on recycling and how little is actually put back to use (34:35), Shaan explains an AI product that replaces mundane medical care tasks and how boring businesses can make a ton of cash (37:20), the guys kick around important people and how to create a vision for your own life (43:30).