#112 – Why Buying Businesses Is Better Than Starting Them and The Mad Genius of Kanye West

Sam Parr and Shaan Puri shoot the wind on today’s pod. In today’s episode you’ll hear: Sam asks Shaan what he’s learned about working at a big company and what he can apply to a smaller company (0:30), Shaan asks Sam about a personnel shuffle at The Hustle (9:00), the guys talk about a Kanye West tweet where he wants to create Y-Combinator for music (11:30), Sam and Shaan debate if a great domain name can make you (22:15), Sam and Shaan talk about the Snowflake IPO (29:55), Shaan shares a crazy conversation with a 20-year old multi-millionaire (37:00), the guys share how they learn from beginners and why you should too (43:10), Shaan talks about Bubble Hotels (48:30).