#104 – Why You Should Be Studying MLMs

Sam Parr and Shaan Puri host the pod today without a guest. In today’s episode you’ll hear: Shaan and Sam recap their previous episode with Tai Lopez and reflect on some of the feedback received from the listeners (1:08), Sam asks Shaan what he knows about trade associations (12:05), Shaan finds new ways to add value with trade associations for groups that traditionally don’t have them (18:35), both guys explore boring household products that could be made cool, like the Nest thermostat (24:40), Shaan walks through his renewed interest in licensing brands (31:05), Shaan and Sam explore brands that have the surprise effect and the genius of that mechanism (38:45), Shaan shares one of his secret tricks in mimicking MLMs (45:18), Sam talks through his next travel designation (48:05), Shaan’s fitness trainer is a force for optimism in his personal life (51:18).