#127 with Nick Huber – Building a $10m Self-Storage Business and the Opportunities in “Sweaty Startups”

Shaan Puri and Sam Parr host the podcast today with special guest Nick Huber (@sweatystartup), self-storage investor. In today’s episode you’ll hear: Nick’s background and how he started his real estate empire (1:25), Shaan asks Nick to summarize how someone makes money in real estate (6:55), Nick explains how he gets deals (13:00), Nick shares how he bootstrapped his business from his dorm room (17:30), Nick tells the story of telling his dad he was starting a moving company when graduating from an Ivey League school (27:00), Sam makes an observations about people from India owning a lot of hotels (36:00), Nick gives some other “low tech” personal services ripe for innovation (43:00).