A couple weeks ago, we ran a short piece on a freight-fully successful SaaS company called WiseTech. They make software to help freight forwarders move products around the world, and their 2022 financials (in AU$) showed:

  • Revenue was up 26% YoY at $632.2m
  • Free cash flow was up 71% YoY at $237.3m
  • User attrition was <1% and has been for ~10 years

Those numbers are impressive for any company, but they’re insane when you consider the current business environment. We asked you to speak up if you wanted a deeper dive on their strategy, and dozens of you said, “Hell yeah!”

So this week, we pored over annual reports dating back to their 2016 IPO, and pulled out five key levers they’ve used to drive incredible growth from the beginning.