The Signal: Billions of bored, restless people stuck at home has been a massive boost for the gaming industry. From March to April alone, Microsoft reported a 130% increase in multiplayer engagement. Twitch, the most popular video game streaming platform, saw a 50% increase in gaming hours watched (to 1.49B hours). 

The Nintendo Switch gaming console is also having its day in the sun — it is sold out everywhere, leading to tons of sales (sometimes at 2 or even 3x the $299 pricetag) on eBay and Craigslist. 

But the spending doesn’t stop there: People are also making in-game purchases of virtual goods. Player spending on Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, a relaxing game that lets you live a virtual life on a deserted island, reached an all-time high in April of $7.9m. What are gamers spending on? A camping chair will set you back $12, while you can expect to pay as much as $17 for a telescope (assuming $0.05 / “Leaf Ticket”: the in-game virtual currency).