The Signal: Nintendo recently released a limited-edition Switch console decorated with the colors and characters from the hit game Animal Crossing. Extremely rare, these devices are selling for $740 and up on Amazon (more than double the MSRP). Such scarcity has led thousands of people to look for other options to customize their gaming consoles, leading to a surge in interest for Switch skins.

The Opportunity: Skins are decorative stickers specially cut to fit the shape of an electronic device. They’re used as anti-scratch protection, and also as a form of self-expression, and can be used to wrap everything from phones to drones.

Their popularity is part of a larger trend in which personalized electronics are becoming fashion accessories. Unique phone cases have long been popular (boutique phone case company Maison de Sabré grew to $1.9m in revenue in its first year, we reported in February). Ditto for iPad cases, laptop covers, and even smartwatch bands.