The Signal: Over the past decade, girls’ lacrosse was far and away the country’s fastest-growing high school sport. The sport saw a +54% change in participation from the end of 2009 through last year. Soccer and cross-country both notched double-digit participation gains over the same span but still pale in comparison to girls’ lacrosse.

The Opportunity: Lacrosse has become increasingly popular in recent years, and not just at the recreational level. Last year, a new 7-team professional men’s league launched (Premier Lacrosse League). Opportunities to capitalize on the increasing popularity of lacrosse include: 1) creating and/or selling apparel and equipment; 2) curating game tape for a new media play (lacrosse would have to be part of a larger offering, which could be sold to an existing media property or be the seedling for a new venture); 3) creating lacrosse-focused team sports getaways (e.g., youth tournament tours).