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Connect with thousands of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, executives and insiders. Collectively, Trend members have companies with tens of billions in revenue.

They say you're the average of the 5 people you spend most of your time with. Are you surrounding yourself with the right people? You are now.

How One Company Created a Niche Market for Young People Who Want Fancy Bibles

How to Capitalize Early on the Fast-Growing Sports Gambling Industry

How Moiz Ali grew Native Deodorant from $0 startup to $100m acquisition in 2 years

How The Athletic Grew a Niche Audience to ~1m Subscribers in 4 Years


Don’t press snooze on this opportunity: sleep supplements

The signal: Sleep science is closely linked with other wellness trends. If you take a look at the r/sleep subreddit, for example, you’ll notice that its related subreddits give us insight into what sleep advocates also care about. Looking closely, you’ll notice that the space lies adjacent to the nootropics industry.

The rush to understand and help address the coronavirus

The signal: In the wake of an epidemic, the world must come together to find novel solutions. In recent weeks, we’ve learned more about the disturbing spread of the coronavirus, which has spread from Wuhan, China, across the world. As of this morning, it was affecting more than 20k people, with 427 known deaths.

Anti-Signal: Greeting cards are no longer welcome in physical retail

The signal: Over the final week of January 2020, Tennessee-based Schurman Fine Papers — which sells artsy stationary and Papyrus-branded greeting cards — filed for bankruptcy with a stated intention to close all 254 of its stores and unload its inventory.


Pull back the curtain into how private companies operate

We surveyed thousands of business owners. The result? A robust database that shows the revenue, income, growth, annual expenses, barrier to entries, and stories from hundreds of different businesses.

Take a look under the hood of companies, ranging from $100m furniture stores, mom and pop shops, software companies, and more.

Learn from the best.

We spend thousands of hours scouring the web for interesting data points, surveying our +1m users, and interviewing world-class business builders. Why? So we can create the best business case studies that would take years of networking and digging to uncover.

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© 2019 The Hustle. All rights reserved.