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Yes, personal trainers have been around for a long time. But searches for trainers keep growing at a steady rate. Another reason to think we’re still at the beginning of their demand? Kinesiology and Exercise Science has been the fastest growing major for junior colleges and four-year colleges since 2010, according to a Chronicle of Higher Education analysis. 
Early adopters: Personal training could migrate online—truly “near you”—à la spinning with Peloton. No similar service yet exists for personal training, although individual trainers have started offering their work online.
Worldwide, particularly in Asia, demand has been rising for companies that deliver medicine to people’s doors. Search interest has picked up since 2017, peaking to its highest levels yet this summer. Unlike in the US, the market is less established in other countries.
Early adopters: GrabExpress, in Singapore, recently partnered with WhiteCoat to increase its delivery capabilities. Milkbasket, which is closing $50m in investments, might start delivering medicine in India.
Plastic bag use at the checkout aisle has declined for years. Now people are searching for alternatives to those small plastic bags in the produce section. Search volume has gone from almost nothing in 2017 to more than 10k searches per month. 
Early adopters: Vandoona, which makes mesh produce bags, has gotten ink in BoingBoing and the Huffington Post.


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