"The instruction manual for an 8-figure newsletter business."


Block by block, piece by piece – we deconstruct businesses so you can see what makes them special, how they work, how they started, and the untapped potential.

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The Trends Newsletter Guide

An insider’s view into the mechanics and structure behind building, operating, and growing a profitable newsletter business. 

Exclusive In-Depth Case Studies

The product of 3+ months of research, dozens of interviews, and years of first-hand experience. We break down four 8-figure newsletter businesses including Morning Brew and the New York Times, showing you the science behind their businesses so you can apply it to your own.

Breakdowns of Battle-tested Tactics

Up level your daily operations. Discover how leading brands structure their organizations and the tactics they use. See real-world examples, templates, and experiments from 8-figure+ newsletter businesses.

Insight from Leaders at Today's Top Newsletters

Insights from over 50+ interviews with leading newsletter experts. Gain access to full interview transcripts and audio from experts like Ryan Deiss of Digital Marketer, James Altucher of the Altucher Report, and more.

Coming January 2021...

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