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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ll send you the recording. We have a vault of all our lectures that you can access anytime with your membership.

No, we haven’t had that happen. Usually our community will help you develop your idea, become customers, and even invest in them.

We started The Hustle, which is the world’s best business & tech newsletter with millions of readers. After running Hustle Con and sending over 500,000,000 million emails about business, we have learned a thing or two that we are excited to share with you.

No worries. We believe in Trends and have seen countless startups being founded and grown due to our efforts. Cancel during your trial period and you can even get your $1 back if you really want it. Send us an email at [email protected] if you have any questions.

We put in over 200+ hours on every issue so you don’t have to. Trends is for those who are busy building business who want access to the best information. Time is the most valuable resource, let us save you as much as we can.

Smart people on our tech team made a tool that crawls the web to find emerging markets. We consolidate this research and give you actionable steps on how to turn these emerging markets into viable businesses.

No. We provide you with the roadmap but you have complete ownership over any businesses you create from our research and community.