5 Business ideas for an immediately profitable business

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Here are five quick ideas we pulled from our database of ~1,000 business ideas.

Idea #1: Selling $101,000 in dried hibiscus flowers

We explored a niche product opportunity that is generating $100k+/month for early entrants: Hibiscus water.


The flower hibiscus — known for its deep crimson color and health benefits — has come a long way since Starbucks’ drop of the ready-to-drink (RTD) Very Berry Hibiscus in 2012.

Hibiscus is particularly popular in regions all over Africa, with countries like Kenya, Uganda, and Ghana having ~5x-8x more relative interest compared with the US, Canada, and Australia.

Our team’s research uncovered a host of Amazon sellers taking advantage of the new trend.

You can outsource and create a Fulfilled-by-Amazon (FBA) store in this niche that will be a growing niche of cash flow.

(One seller was bringing in ~$101k every month from selling dried hibiscus flowers alone.)


Idea #2: $350b market with 90% profit margins

Over the last year, over $1B in funding has poured into 3D printing businesses. And it’s no wonder, the profit margins are unbelievable.

Parulan touted 80-90% profit margins for PrintAWorld, saying that an entry-level 3D printer will only set you back $200 to $500, and filament and resin are both quite cheap, especially wholesale. 

Tan also reported similar margins. For Little Printings, 1 kg of filament costs $12 to $20, which makes ~6 planters at $2-$3 each. Each planter is then priced at ~$20, bringing margins to ~90% (excluding overhead equipment and labor costs).

With costs decreasing so much in recent years, 3D printing has become much more accessible to the everyday entrepreneur.


From luxury watches to prosthetics to stop-motion films, there seem to be no limits to the technology’s potential.


Idea #3: Build a cash cow newsletter

Newsletters are booming for a reason, they have great margins.

Newsletters are a famously simple yet profitable business (e.g., Ben Thompson’s Stratechery has a pretax margin of ~90% on 7-figure revenue).


The mistake many founders make is they don’t charge from day one.


Pick a niche that you’re an expert in, send weekly emails and charge upfront to get access. Even getting 100 people to give you $10 a month instantly adds $1,000 to your monthly cash flow.


Idea #4: Launch a “Biz in a Box”

Subscription boxes are incredibly lucrative.

An Irish Pub Concept, a company that has generated ~$2B shipping units of their Irish “Pub in a Box” to 50+ countries.

There is essentially no limit to the number of concepts you could package up into a shipping container.

For example, mini spas (complete with a sauna), toolshed/hobby rooms, garden home office, etc.

Whether you’re aggregating products, or finding a cultural niche it’s easy to get pre-orders on a box to bootstrap your company and make money on day one.


After your initial customer acquisition, you will have some of that sweet, sweet recurring revenue.


Idea #5: $100K a month from niche job boards

Are you capitalizing on the niche job board market?

Here’s what you need to know. Niche job boards are bringing in ~$100,000 a month. They can also be built using ‘no code’ tools. There are several keys to monetization and getting traffic that we broke down in another article.


There are a ton of opportunities in the space. Like a job boards alleviating new pain points for remote work. Or in industries with job shortages like construction, mining, and trucking are primed for entrances into niches.


Start your job board and watch it scale.


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Yes. Yes it does. Here are 3 (of many) success stories from our community.


Real Growth

Raising $1.5m in 40 days

Our analysts uncovered signals that the indoor plant businesses was set to bloom.

One of our members took that report and launched a D2C plant startup. Narek announced the project in the Trends community, received some valuable advice from other members, and started building.

40 days later, he used our research to raise $1.5m in funding.

$60K to $1M+

20x Growth from Selling Peanut Butter

Craig had been running Nerdy Nuts on the side. When he joined Trends, he asked for honest feedback and he got roasted.

Members repositioned his brand and had him focus on D2C.

 Craig decided to become the “Ben & Jerry’s of peanut butter.”

 In 2019 they netted their first $60,000. In 2020, they did their first $1,000,000 in revenue.

In 2021, Craig’s company just hit a $20m valuation.

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From 1 customer to $100,000 in revenue.

Chris Koerner built his 3rd-party logistics company, Send Eats, based on an insight from a Trends article.

This single insight changed his life.

Chris has grown from one customer and ~200 orders/month to tens of thousands of monthly orders with hundreds of thousands in monthly revenue.

Now, they’re raising their Series A at a $17m valuation!


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