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Tommy Mayes

Tommy Mayes


Investor, CEO, Board Member, Executive Advisor, and Coach.

Paris Coleman

Paris Coleman


Looking to expand my network to connect with other entrepreneurs and share learnings!

Neer Sharma

Neer Sharma


Forbes 30 under 30. Co-Founder of a social writing game used by 1 million people.

Charles-Eugene Loubao

Charles-Eugene Loubao


Developer and solution architect. I help clients build their products fast.

Rebecca Venis

Rebecca Venis


Fantasy Trader, Gamer, Gambler, Golfer, Wife, Binge-drinker, Wanna-be dog owner.

Jose Cruz

Jose Cruz


Seed-stage investor committed to women and minority founders.

Emma Ahlert

Emma Ahlert


I connect purpose-driven businesses with like minded freelancers.

Sandeep Todi

Sandeep Todi


Serial entrepreneur focused on building and scaling financial products.

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Ideas. Community. Events.

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Featured Deals


Yes. Yes it does. Here are 3 (of many) success stories from our community.


Real Growth

Raising $1.5m in 40 days

Our analysts uncovered signals that the indoor plant businesses was set to bloom.

One of our members took that report and launched a D2C plant startup. Narek announced the project in the Trends community, received some valuable advice from other members, and started building.

40 days later, he used our research to raise $1.5m in funding.

$60K to $1M+

20x Growth from Selling Peanut Butter

Craig had been running Nerdy Nuts on the side. When he joined Trends, he asked for honest feedback and he got roasted.

Members repositioned his brand and had him focus on D2C.

 Craig decided to become the “Ben & Jerry’s of peanut butter.”

 In 2019 they netted their first $60,000. In 2020, they did their first $1,000,000 in revenue.

In 2021, Craig’s company just hit a $20m valuation.

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Component – 1@2x (1)


From 1 customer to $100,000 in revenue.

Chris Koerner built his 3rd-party logistics company, Send Eats, based on an insight from a Trends article.

This single insight changed his life.

Chris has grown from one customer and ~200 orders/month to tens of thousands of monthly orders with hundreds of thousands in monthly revenue.

Now, they’re raising their Series A at a $17m valuation!


Trends is where real people build real businesses.

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Our Lecture Series

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