10 Takeaways From Our Presentation on COVID-19 Trends

This week, our Trends team produced a 62-slide deck that broke down the widespread impact of COVID-19, including what industries have been hit the hardest, what products and services have the most viable long-term potential, and how businesses should position themselves in front of changing consumer behaviors.

Below we highlight 10 key takeaways from her findings, combining insights from the Signals and other reports that our Trends analysts have done in recent weeks.

We are not financial advisors, and we don’t know what will happen in the markets. This analysis is based on facts that exist today, which might be different tomorrow. We encourage you not to jump to any conclusions based on comparable examples from the past, but we hope our report helps you stay informed about these unprecedented times and allows you to make thoughtful decisions about the future.

1. The downstream effects are unparalleled.