Agency Launch: Your First 30, 60, and 90 Days

Refine your offer:

  • Focus on one niche
  • Solve a real problem (vitamin vs painkiller)
    • Example = David thought people wanted help with strategy, etc
    • What they really want is help with customer acquisition
  • Unique (the “Purple Cow” effect, from Seth Godin)
    • Something you’ve never seen before will naturally grab attention
  • Time-bound
    • From Alex Hormozi: “People pay you for a certain result over a period of time”
      • It allows your prospective customer to calculate ROI
  • Results focused
    • Gives you something specific to
  • Guarantee (Risk reversal)
    • Dan Lock says, “if your guarantee doesn’t scare you, it’s not aggressive enough”
    • Example = “We will generate 10 qualified leads w/in 30 days or we’ll run it for free”

Look for partners:

  • Finding complementary businesses
    • For example
  • If you’re building an agency, connect with Bee Jam in the Trends Group

Document your process:

  • Google Docs
  • Notion
    • Great for SOPs & FAQs
    • Will automatically record you performing an action and create an SOP

Additional Resources