Building a $100M Company in 2 Years with Native Co-founder and CEO, Moiz Ali

Sam Parr: Okay. So this is the next speaker, as one of the folks I’m most excited to hear from because we actually started our businesses in the same office and his name is Moiz Ali and he has a company called Native. And what they do is they sell deodorant. But I was actually in the room when Moiz was starting this business and he would order all of these deodorants and smack a label on them and we would all try them. And sometimes they would turn our armpits green and it was like … And then we all learned how to do Facebook ads together.

And this was like the most scrappy thing that I’ve ever seen. And two years later, it was doing something like $30 or $40 million a year in revenue and was acquired for $100 million, two years after we were in that one room working together and it’s significantly larger now. And Moiz is one of the most interesting founders I’ve ever talked to because he is brutally honest and straight to the point. And so he started talking about his journey and I think you’re really going to dig it and find it exciting, so let’s get up for Moiz Ali.

Moiz Ali: Okay. My name is Moiz and I am the founder of Native. If you guys aren’t familiar with Native, Native is a direct to consumer personal care company. We sell safe, effective, nontoxic personal care products that consumers use in the bathroom every day. When I launched the business in 2015, I’d always tell people that we’re the Honest Co. for adults.