How ClassPass Built a $100m Fitness Empire

Payal Kadakia is the CEO and co-founder of ClassPass. Since its launch in 2013, ClassPass has facilitated over 35m reservations across 2.5k studios in 39 cities. ClassPass is a Google Ventures-backed gym membership startup that grew to over $100m in revenue in 2 years and has raised $84m in funding.

Hi everyone. I’m Payal Kadakia, the founder and executive chairman of ClassPass. I hear we have some fans in the audience. For those of you not familiar with ClassPass, it’s a monthly fitness membership program that lets you take classes at different studios and gyms, so you can go to a dance class, spin class, yoga class whenever you want to.

The journey of ClassPass, which I’m very excited to share with you guys today has been long and winding like most startups are, and instead of just telling you guys all about the successes and failures, I’m going to focus on one important thing that really has led to the success of our company, and that was making hard decisions. We all face them in our lives and in our companies and they’re challenging. But I will tell you, and I hope from the stories I tell you today that you can make through them, make it through them and get to the other side.