Thinking Past the Office: Designing Resilient Remote Teams with Steph Smith

Our very own Steph Smith will be giving our next expert lecture on a topic that is new for many of us, but one that she’s been living for nearly 5 years: remote work. 

With all that 2020 has given us, it’s clear that remote work is here to stay. As more of the population shifts towards distributed teams, we must look past widely cited positive features and consider how organizations need to adjust in order to maximize the benefits of this new normal, while minimizing the downsides. 

The “copy and paste” approach that many companies have fallen into is not enough. Steph will start with the fundamentals of remote work, while drawing on 3 incredible books and their frameworks: Give and Take, Algorithms to Live By, and the Four Tendencies. She’ll bring her experience as the previous Head of Publications at Toptal, leading a 20-person team at a fully remote company of several hundred, and is happy to answer any questions that you have!