Justin Kan Shows How to Integrate Customer Acquisition into Fundraising

Justin Kan has founded numerous startups, but struck gold when he founded Twitch, which was acquired by Amazon at 170 people. Since then, he’s invested in dozens of other companies and is now focusing on Atrium, a tech-focused law firm looking to disrupt the legal industry. Atrium has already done over $500m in primary financing for their 240 clients around the country. He shares with us how his years in startups helped him land in legal and how they growth hacked their way up.

How are you, Hustle Con? It’s me, Justin here to teach you something. I’m going to teach you one thing at least and we’ll see what that is. All right. Cool. I won’t belabor you on background, I started a lot of companies. The one that worked was Twitch. I also invest in a lot of companies and seen every side of the market, and that really informed this new business that I started called Atrium. I want to tell you about atrium and I want to tell you about some of the growth hacks that I used to get us going because it’s been about exactly a year now in June. We celebrated Atrium’s first birthday June 12th I think, so you can wish me a happy birthday. 

All right. So why did I start Atrium? Well at first I was very brain damaged from Twitch. And when you start a consumer startup, as many of you probably will find out, people don’t really want to pay you. They don’t want to pay you very much. So when I was thinking about what should I do next, what startup should I start? I really, really wanted to do something where you get paid. And so there was one constant in our entire Twitch journey which was no matter how we were doing as a business, the amount we paid our attorneys always went up. And that’s sadly true.