Max Lytvyn is Correcting the World’s Writing with Grammarly

Max Lytvyn is the founder of Grammarly, a freemium grammar writing app with nearly 7 million daily users. Having profitably bootstrapped the company to hundreds of employees, Grammarly recently raised a $110m round of funding. In his talk, “Build Before You Sell”, Max talks about how the Grammarly team quietly bootstrapped their product to unicorn-level, by finding the right homogeneous segment of the market.

Hi, everyone. I’m Max and I’m a co-founder of Grammarly. Today I’m going to talk about bootstrapping. I’m going to use Grammarly a lot as an example today. Let me just say a few words about the company to those who are not familiar with it. Grammarly is providing AI powered products that help people improve their communication, help them make their emails, social media messages, documents more effective, clear, and mistake-free.

Grammarly has a very big mission. Improving lives by improving communication. It’s so big, it almost sounds undoable, not just not bootstrappable. Today I’m going to tell you how it is actually possible to do, how this can be done, and we’re doing it now. Millions of users are using Grammarly and it materially improves their lives. I promise you, if you install Grammarly after this conference, your life is going to get better, even if just a tiny little bit, it’s going to get better. This mission is real. We live by it, but it’s so big, it may seem it’s not something that can be bootstrapped, but we did it. Today I’m going to share with you a framework that helped us do it.