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Wonderful decision.

Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, founder, or investor – or just looking for an edge in business — we’ll provide insights, analysis, and a community that will help make it happen.

What to expect next

Every two weeks we send an email with our latest edition. Here’s what you’ll find in each week’s issue.
  1. Signals

We scan millions of pieces of data to show you up and coming trends. Past signals can be found here

2. In-depth reports

Our team of analysts spends hundreds of hours writing in-depth reports on the biggest trends and case studies that help you understand business success. Here’s the archive

3. Community

We have a thriving community of thousands of other builders. Join them here.

4. Database access

We’re in the process of building multiple databases that will give you a look under the hood of different businesses and other proprietary insight. You can find those here.

Some of our most popular work

  1. How Native Grew From $0 to a $100m Acquisition in Two years (link)
  2. How One Company Created a Niche Market for Young People Who Want Fancy Bibles (link)
  3. The $33B market staring you in the face. How to make a mint in the fast-growing billboard business (link)
  4. Online Plants are Set to Bloom (link)
  5. Non-alcoholic Beer is Buzzing (link)
  6. Community post: How to consolidate local service businesses (link)
  7. Community post: ​How to balance multiple businesses (link)
  8. Community post: So one of our portfolio companies is a fitness company that has gone from 0 to $160,000/month in 14 months…(link)

Welcome aboard!

We’re super excited to have you here!

If you have any questions or feedback, please shoot us an email at [email protected]. We read every email and iterate on feedback each week.

So, until our next email update, please check out the links above and join our community and say hello.

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– the Trends team.

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