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Vegan Bacon

Vegan Bacon Beyond Meat and Impossible have perfected plant-based burgers and chicken. No leader has emerged for bacon, which has an easier taste to replicate given its salt-heavy flavor. Search interest is exploding. Early movers: THIS, a plant-based food manufacturer, launched a vegan…

The Year of the Job Board

Your road map to creating a niche job site with 90% margins 2 Minute Read If you haven’t launched a job board in 2019, you’re missing out. Entrepreneurs have picked up on this high-margin platform by targeting a simple formula: automated job…


Node Node makes sustainable modular homes. The company is growing in popularity because its prefab homes are made with non-toxic materials and have energy-efficient systems. Backlinks to their website have skyrocketed this summer.


L-theanine L-theanine is a compound found naturally in certain teas. It’s a relaxant and supposed to help people fight anxiety and stress. Searches for L-theanine total about 65k monthly and have steadily increased over the last several years.

Keto Cereal

Keto Cereal High-protein cereals are making a comeback. The average monthly search numbers for “keto cereal” total 8k and are up nearly 100% from early this year and multiples higher than summer 2017.