Impossible Foods CEO Describes His Vision for a Meatless Future

It’s a little strange that I’m here purporting to be a kind of business expert because I’m still a complete freshman in the business world. I think half the people in the audience probably could teach me more than I could teach them about how to function in that world. I definitely have as much to learn as anyone here. Ten years ago, the last thing that I would imagine myself doing was founding a business…because I had essentially no interest in business. My only interest in food was, you know, just eating it. When I wasn’t eating it, I was just not that interested in it.

I was completely unqualified for this gig, and at the time I had what was really my dream job…I had a research lab that I loved and great students and great funding, and a very secure job. Basically my job description was to invent and discover things. That was literally what my job description was, and it was what I would have created for myself if I had the choice. Why would I give all that up to do something that I was unqualified to do?

This here is a scenic view of Mars.