Step-by-Step: How Design Firm GBPro Doubled Revenue to $448k within 4 Years

If you visited Seattle in the last couple years, you may have seen the wall-size posters of entrepreneurs featured throughout the Amazon Marketplace. They were commissioned by Amazon and designed by a company called GBPro.

GBPro’s other clients include Alaska Airlines and Veyep Sports, the official speaker supplier of Major League Baseball. The company, which features three total employees and two contractors, is in its fourth year of business. It made $448k in revenue in its most recent fiscal year — up from $250k in year one. 

Our Trends community has asked for more actionable insights on how to build companies, and this is our first stab at providing that. It’s a step-by-step guide for how GBPro founder/CEO and creative director Greg Brumann started his business and turned it into an early success.