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Breaking Into the $15B Executive Recruiting Industry

The executive recruiting business has sparked a lot of interest within the Trends community in recent weeks.

Sam explored the numbers behind one executive search firm in our Facebook group, and he and Shaan discussed the business on their “Million-Dollar Brainstorm” last week (21:00 mark).

We decided to dig deeper into the industry to identify white space in the market.

Our report gives a broad overview of the business, examining the key players and historical growth.

We found that executive recruiters enjoyed their best year ever in 2019 — but that the industry is prone to dips as the economy lags.

The largely commission-based roles can be quite lucrative. According to one industry insider we spoke to, many recruiters collect in the “mid-hundreds of thousands” to millions of dollars annually.

With C-suite recruiting cornered by 5 firms and middle-manager roles proliferating on Linkedin and job sites, our research suggests there are opportunities to break into the industry in the following areas:

Our research also identified the recruiting opportunities in private equity-favored industries like Life Sciences and Manufacturing, and industries with high-ranking, industry-specific search results, including Marketing and Public Relations. Read our full report here → Trends Signals

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