2.4.2020 Issue #33
📈 The Big Business of Privacy – Addressing the Coronavirus – LGBTQ Weddings 👨‍❤️‍👨

A few days ago, Sam posed a question in our Facebook group: How often should we send Trends? The vast majority of you said you want an email every week — so we’re returning to our regular cadence.

We’re excited to introduce a slightly different format. You loved our Signals-heavy send last month, so starting this week we’re sharing a new batch of bigger, better Signals you can pounce on, along with an “anti-Signal” we think you’ll love.

We’re also going deep on 1 industry as part of a new weekly deep dive that will include case studies on individual companies and reports on emerging sectors.

Please let us know what you think of this new format, or how we can improve it, by hitting the smileys at the bottom.

Now onto the show: People are finally putting a price on privacy, and startups are capitalizing. We identify dozens of opportunities in the fast-growing space… LGBTQ weddings are on the rise… LED kits are lighting it up for TikTok users… And we investigate the virus everyone’s talking about, with an entrepreneur’s eye.

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Practical tips for investing and growing your business.

A comprehensive guide to margins, by sector (updated January 2020). The most active VC in each state. Products we wish existed, including new, vertical social networks. How to make money crowdfunding video games. Scraping websites is now legal. And one more set of 2020 predictions worth reading.

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