Make Millions Off Live Streaming

The modern twist on QVC, and dollar stores try to catch up to the 21st century.

“Less preamble and more info.”

That’s the feedback one Trends subscriber gave us recently, echoing what others have told us: You want smart insights on fast-growing businesses, and more in-depth stories about companies that have succeeded and failed.

So from now on, our profiles and Q&As will explore how successful entrepreneurs built their companies and the challenges they faced along the way. Like you, we know that every good story has tension.

This week’s lineup includes:

  1. Dollar Stores: America’s low-cost darlings are finally going digital, but they need lots of help building online infrastructure and systems to target potential customers. 

  2. Live Streaming: Want to get more customers for your product? Consider China’s vast webcast market, where some companies are making hundreds of millions of dollars.

  3. Unsplash: We love stock image sites, and this one has scaled quickly into an industry leader, with more than 11B monthly downloads. What’s worked and hasn’t worked for the 6-year-old site, and how is co-founder Mikael Cho planning to monetize all those visits?

If you missed last week’s email, it’s available here. Our most popular story was a profile of Andrew Wilkinson, the investor who’s employing Warren Buffett strategies to acquire tech startups. Our reports on millennial Bibles and prepaid phones were also popular. 

Now let’s get to it!

-Mark of The Hustle