#107 with Chris Bakke – This Serial Entrepreneur is an Idea Machine

Shaan Puri hosts the pod today with guest Chris Bakke (@ChrisJBakke) an early employee at Bank Juice, which sold to Zillow. In today’s episode you’ll hear: Chris gives his background and how he ended up in the Bay Area (1:15), Shaan gives his philosophy on how to hire new people (9:35), Chris explains why he thinks raising capital is a good idea (14:15), Chris has an idea he calls “Shopify for SaaS products” (17:05), Chris and Shaan kick around how to get subject matter expertise out of gurus to build a service business (21:50), Chris has an idea for franchising a service like GeekSquad (27:05), Shaan tells a story of how his friend franchised a service model (31:30), Shaan and Chris explain how at-home camps/schools can generate a lot of money (40:05), Shaan gives a framework of how to give poor people something that rich people have and how that translates to give small businesses something they want that big businesses already have (39:45), Chris gives the elevator pitch for his new company that replaces big consultants with software (52:50).