#11 Clawing Back From $250K Debt at 20

Shaan Puri: All right, I just sat down with Aleks Svetski, or “Angry Aleks” as he’s known in the Bitcoin world. And we talked about a whole bunch of things ranging from Bitcoin itself, his story, trading stocks, and ending up a quarter of a million dollars in debt. As well as how he got out of the hole, built himself back up, made his first million, and what he’s doing in the Crypto space today. It’s a pretty fun conversation, I think you’ll enjoy. Thanks for coming man, I appreciate you came a long way. I like to think you just came for this podcast but I know…

Aleks Svetski: I did.

Shaan Puri: I know there was also that other little conference, that Bitcoin 2019 conference going on.