#110 with Kat Cole – Ideas From the Head of a $4B+ Business

Shaan Puri hosts the pod today with guests Kat Cole (@KatColeATL) COO & President of Focus Brands. In today’s episode you’ll hear: (00:56) Kat introduce herself and the company she leads — Focus Brands, (2:38) Kat explains her career trajectory and how she got to where she is today, (9:24) Shaan explains how he got into entrepreneurship in college and how he ended up leading an idea lab, (19:25) Shaan and Kat get into the brainstorm — Kat’s first idea is for an app that assigns people a score for how good or bad their lifestyle is for the planet, (30:50) Kat proposes her idea for a new type of restaurant that blends grocery store, convenience store, and restaurant (she calls it “food as pharmacy”), (33:40) Kat gives her opinion on ghost kitchens, (41:00) how Focus Brands and Kat dealt with the coronavirus pandemic