#71 with Nick Bare – Monthly vs Annual Subscription Billing, Fitness Events Post-COVID & Making Content To Build $10M+ Biz

Sam (@thesamparr) and Shaan (@shaanvp) are joined today by entrepreneur and owner of BPN Fitness Nick Bare (@nickbarefitness) who started a suppliment company in his dorm room and built it from $20k to over 8 figures in revenue, alongside building a big online presence with over 400K subscribers. Today they talk about what are his products (0:32), Growing a youtube channel (5:24), Content or business first? (7:34), Does he spend money on marketing? (13:19), Fitness apps crushing it (19:29), Products people in the military use (31:01), Fastest growing segments of the fitness industry (34:12), AI used in fitness apps (37:51), Monthly or annual subscription billing? (40:54), His new book “25 hours a day” (48:58), Book in a box service (52:27), Shaan’s biz idea for Nick’s huge office (58:39), Endurance athletes and Ironman being a huge business (1:02:43), Audio fitness apps (1:05:39) and Fitness in a post-covid world (1:07:46).