#113 – From Furniture Store to Water Delivery: The Millions in Boring Businesses

(0:46) The guys break down Frank Slootman (Snowflake founder’s) Linkedin post, (7:45) Sam brings up Rocket Internet, a German company that clones mainstream startups in smaller geographic markets. They scale quickly and are formulaic, (8:30) Sam is fascinated by Danny Meyer, founder of Shake Shack among other places, (10:05) Shaan shares his story about the Melman’s and their empire, Lettuce Entertain You, (13:38) The guys discuss Hamdi Ulukaya the founder of Chobani, (17:50) The guy’s talk blue collar businesses, including Waste Management and its founder Wayne Huizenga, (19:30) The story of Rose Blumkin, founder of Nebraska Furniture Mart, (21:11) Shaan talks about his water problem and subscription water companies like ReadyRefresh and Culligan, (27:40) The Uber for evictions: Civvl, (31:26) The student debt market explained, (34:42) B2B vs consumer businesses