The signal: Terms like “dentist SEO” picked up in volume in 2016, as dentists recognized that traditional patient acquisition (i.e., word of mouth, referrals) just wasn’t cutting it. Tackling the dentistry spaces was a perfect match for marketers, since the ROI on dental leads is so lucrative.

According to Dataman Group, the average lifetime value (LTV) for a dental patient is $4.5k, meaning marketers can work with a comfortable $150-300 CPL.

The opportunity: Dental-specific marketing agencies are cropping up to service the demand, as dentists move online. According to Ahrefs, the dental marketing guy captures $30k in organic traffic and ranks for hundreds of keywords including:

  • dental marketing (1.9k searches per month)
  • dental SEO (700 searches per month)
  • dental marketing agency (200 searches per month)