After grappling with supply chain disruptions that have ports backlogged and shipping containers in short supply, businesses are turning to an old-school option: sacks.

Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBCs), or “Super Sacks,” as they’re often known, are soft-sided containers that can be used to ship everything from cosmetics to clothes.

Frequently used for moving goods during WWII, they were a predecessor to standard shipping containers, can hold ~2k-3k+ lbs. of product, and offer several advantages over metal containers:

  • They lead to lower shipping costs since they weigh just 5-7 lbs. each, unlike a 20-foot shipping container, which weighs ~4k-5k lbs. empty.
  • They’re inexpensive, running $5-$20/each, depending on the type of bag.
  • They can be loaded onto smaller ships, sent to ports that aren’t backlogged, unloaded with a small forklift, and transported on a flatbed.