The Signal: National lockdowns have sparked a global dialogue on the importance of mental health. As weeks of social distancing turn into months, people are experiencing an increasing sense of isolation and loneliness, as well as stress over losing their jobs and other financial uncertainties. Those fears appear to be transferring to man’s best friend. Increasing search interest in anti-anxiety pet beds indicates that animals are just as anxious as we are.

Google Searches:

  • Dog calming bed: 22.2k searches/month
  • Calming bed for dogs: 6.6k searches/month
  • Anti-anxiety dog bed: 2.4k searches/month
  • Calming cat bed: 1.6k searches/month

The pet industry is notoriously recession-proof. Historically, not only does pet care spending not decline during a recession, it actually grew by 29% and 17% during the 2001 and 2009 recessions, respectively. But this economic crisis is different. Even previously recession-proof businesses like hair and beauty salons have taken it on the chin.