Imagine if a curved ping pong table and soccer had a baby. That, my people, is teqball. Teqers (yes, there’s a name for them) pay anywhere from €899 for the “Teq Lite” fiberglass table to €2,999 for the sturdier “Teq Smart” foldable table. After starting in Hungary in 2014, Teqball has grown quickly, with monthly search volume of 271k (Keywords Everywhere) and searches in 55 countries (Google Trends). Teqball has also trended at the top of r/theocho (a subreddit “dedicated to spreading knowledge of seldom seen and ‘obscure’ sports”) multiple times… like here and here.

What’s next: Teqball has already organized 2 world championships and has developed its own governing body, FITEQ. Teqball oriented the design of their sport by putting a new spin (and new price) on existing sports. Teqball is modeled off of soccer, and the company has expanded into other sports with Teqvoly (volleyball), teqpong (ping-pong), teqis (tennis), and qatch (a combination of various games). The product has gained traction and used its own TeqTV to attract new Teqers, through videos with influencers like Ronaldinho.