Signal: The women’s health and femtech space has boomed in recent years. Femtech alone is projected to grow by 16.3% per year from $17B in 2018 to $50B in 2025. Previously taboo topics like menstruation, fertility, and female sexual health and pleasure have hit the mainstream, and institutional money has followed. Last year, femtech had its first billion-dollar year of VC funding. 

There is one category in women’s health that has been underserved and underfunded historically: menopause. 

But the tide is changing, and VC money is finally starting to notice that billion-dollar opportunity as well. The hot flashes market alone — which services just one symptom of menopause — is expected to be worth $5.3B by 2023. Some notable investments in the last 2 years include:

  • Gennev ($4m): A telemedicine service provider for women experiencing menopause
  • Madorra ($4m): Created the first hormone-free medical device to treat vaginal dryness for postmenopausal women
  • MenoLabs ($350k): Produces natural prebiotic and probiotic supplements for women going through perimenopause and menopause