Trends Connectors empower the doers of the world to build better, make more money, and level up their skillset.



What is

Trends Connectors

Trends Connectors was designed to give our power members the resources and support to lead the community, creating more opportunities to connect like-minded people, sharpen skills, and grow revenue.

Our Trends Connectors are volunteers who host virtual mixers, in-person meetups, knowledge sprints, and more. They are the backbone of the Trends Community experience.

Virtual Connectors

Virtual connectors keep our community discussions high-quality, throw virtual mixers, and can introduce you to all the right folks.

City Connectors

City connectors source and coordinate in person meetups for Trendsters all over the world.

Knowledge Connectors

Knowledge Connectors run learning sprints: short, virtual, cohort-based learning groups with clear deliverables and outcomes.

Dig it?

Become a Trends Connector

If you like to see others win, are consistent and reliable, and have been a member for at least six months – let’s talk!

Thank you for your participation in the Trends Connector program! We value the work you put in as a community leader and are here to help you in making your impact exceptional. To maintain consistency and quality across our program, we have outlined some mandatory program requirements below that all Trends Connectors are asked to follow. As a Trends Connector you agree to abide by these terms as well as the HUG Program Agreement available at (referred to here as the “Program Agreement”) which applies to the Trends Connector program.

Trends Connectors Eligibility and Requirements

Because we want all those who engage with Trends to have a top-notch experience, we have certain eligibility criteria and requirements that all Trends Connectors must meet.

To be eligible, you must:

  • Have been an member of Trends community for more than six months
  • Demonstrate a service-oriented mindset
  • Go through an application process 
  • Submit intro video

Once selected, you must:

  • Hold the first meetup within 60 days of your becoming a Leader. A meetup should focus on adding value and education to your fellow Trends members.
  • Hold one meetup per quarter that is free of charge to all attendees
  • Use exclusively a third-party solution as designated  by us to conduct all marketing activity for your meetups. This includes promoting your event, collecting registrations, performing check-in, and emailing attendees. 
  • Use the collateral that we provide you in accordance with the collateral Do’s and Don’ts section below.
  • Actively communicate in relevant conversations in the Trends Connectors Slack channel.

Your activities should maintain a focus on helping other Trends members grow their network, business, and skillset. Trends reserves the right to suspend or terminate any meetup that, upon our discretion, is not focusing efforts around these goals. This can include: 

  • Promoting meetups towards audiences outside of Trends members
  • Selecting content that is not deemed appropriate for customers
  • Using contact information for non-Trends Connectors related events 

Contact data should not be exported or used for any personal or promotional activities.

Trends Support

How Trends helps you make your events exceptional

We appreciate our Trends Connectors and provide the support we describe below, which we hope will help make our leaders successful.

  • We will raise awareness for your events via promotional emails provided you submit information in a timely manner
  • We will provide you with a third-party solution with which you can build your community and drive registration for events
  • For City Connectors, we will cover the cost of food and drink*
  • We will stay connected in Slack, listening and adapting to feedback and issues

Collateral Dos and Don’ts

Design and branding guidelines


  • Make your Trends Connectors website and other promotional assets neutral in representation. This means that these shouldn’t be designed in a way that looks like they are affiliated with organizations other than Trends. This includes but is not limited to designing assets that reflect your company’s branding or that promote your company’s services. 
  • Use the provided official logo template for your events on all printed, online, and other collateral.
  • Use your approved official city name when creating your logo. For example, a meetup in Boston, would not use the name “BOS Meetup”, they would use the phrase “Boston Meetup”.


  • Use Trends Connectors collateral to promote your business, products or services.
  • Use any material that infringes the intellectual property rights of others.
  • Partner with “sponsors” for events, or use any imagery or language that promotes “sponsors” or companies who are not directly affiliated with and approved by Trends
  • Use the contact information obtained through the Trends Connectors website or check-in form for anything except related to Trends Connectors-related activities. This means, for example, you can’t use this contact information to send general “marketing news” about your business.
  • Use the Trends Connectors name or branding (which includes, but is not limited to, the names ‘HubSpot’, ‘The Hustle’) without our written consent . Any use of our marks or brand must be solely for the purpose of promoting your Trends Connector meetup.

Collateral Guidelines

We will be sending you several variations of our logo to use for your event listing. You will simply use the tool of your choice (Photshop, Picmonkey, Canva, etc) to change the event name.

 When using your Trends Connector logo in copy, simply format as:

Location Trends Meetup


Subject Virtual Trends Meetup


Austin Trends Meetup

Women in Tech Virtual Trends Meetup

Performance Reviews and Discontinuance

Requirements to stay in the program

We will review your performance twice per year. Here’s what we’re looking for: 

  • You will have held at least 1 meetup per quarter
  • You will have achieved an average minimum attendance of at least twenty (10) individuals at each meetup (this is fluid in the beginning)
  • You will have achieved an average event NPS of 70 
  • You will have abided by all the guidelines outlined above and in our Program Agreement

If you haven’t met these criteria, we may choose to suspend or terminate your participation in the program as described in the Program Agreement.


Lastly, incentives will be released as followed:

  1. Swag: Mailed out upon successful completion of your first event
  2. Slack channel add: immediately after
  3. Renewal discount: Effective after 90 days
  4. Member highlight: rolled out over the course of the quarter. Order TBD

Ready to move forward? 

Next step: Fill out your leader form

Virtual Connector Form

Knowledge Connector Form

City Connector Form

Not comfortable with our guidelines? Please message us at [email protected] before proceeding to the next step.

Last modified: October 21, 2021