20xing a D2C Business with TikTok

This Thursday, we’re very lucky to have Craig Mount, a long-time Trendster and founder of Nerdy Nuts.

In June of 2019, Craig posted in the Trends group looking for advice and has since implemented the best ideas, from pricing to wholesale to sampler packs and most notably, their game on social. Nerdy Nuts has since managed to leverage TikTok to 20x their business, doing $500k in sales each month. If you’re not convinced, check out this vid.

But as a result of their impressive 100x ROAS, they’ve faced a ton of logistical challenges to keep the business running. They’ve even had to limit their “drops” so that their online store is only open for an hour each week. Craig describes this as, “engineering so much hype that he broke his business”. In this session, Craig will talk about how he managed to drum up so much hype, but also the highs and lows of building a cult DTC brand.