An Interview with Heidi Zak, Co-Founder & Co-CEO of ThirdLove

Steph: All right, so now I’m super excited to introduce Heidi Zak. She is the co-founder and co CEO of ThirdLove. If you haven’t heard of ThirdLove, it’s one of the most innovative disruptive bra and underwear companies in America. They’re a direct to consumer brand mostly. But they recently opened a store, and in seven years of, since inception, they’ve actually had over 14 million women use their Fit Finder quiz, which was a proprietary quiz that a woman can take online to find the right size. Interestingly enough, over 80%, or around 80%, of women actually are wearing the wrong bra size. And ThirdLove is there to help. So, help me please welcome

Heidi Zak. Hi.

Steph:  Hi, Heidi. How are you?