This Company Raised $40M by Focusing on Transparency Inside & Out

Adam Ryan: All right. Our next speaker started a company called Ritual. They have sold millions of bottles of vitamins. She started the company when she was pregnant and she wanted a prenatal vitamin that she knew was safe while she was pregnant. Before that, she was a managing partner at a venture capital firm that invested in Spotify, Uber, and Dropbox. So for the next few minutes, we have the pleasure of listening to Kat Schneider. Everyone give a round of applause.

Katerina S: Hi, I’m Katerina Schneider. I’m the founder and CEO of Ritual. Today I’m really excited to share with you how we’ve built a culture of alignment and transparency inside and out. How has alignment contributed to our growth and how can it potentially impact yours? So I started the company when I was four months pregnant, actually four months pregnant right now as well and I couldn’t find a vitamin that I trusted. So I set out on a journey to build one that I did.

And as I grew my family, I also grew the business. But I had a lot of questions. It was the first time I was medically advised to take a vitamin. So I took my doctor’s advice. I went to the store, I went online, I even looked at prescription vitamins, but I couldn’t find anything that was scientifically backed, clean, and transparent. So I did the next thing, which was I asked a bunch of friends, what vitamins are you taking? I got answers like yellow bottle, Brown cap, nature, something.