Live Coaching for Self-publishers with Ben Guest- Part 3

Follow along as Ben takes us through what it takes to be a bestseller and how to reverse-engineer your launch to become a chart-topper.

Ben Guest is a two-time bestselling author and book consultant. Most recently he served as the marketing consultant for Doone Roisin (Trends member) for the launch of her bestseller Your Hype Girl: 51 Female Founders Share Their Most Impactful Learnings, Tactics & Strategies In Business. Ben is currently co-writing the memoir of 3x NBA champion Scott Williams (the only player in NBA history to play with both Michael Jordan on the Bulls and LeBron James on the Cavs). Ben can assist with all five stages of writing your book: Planning, Writing, Editing, Publishing, and Marketing. You can find all of the services he offers, and his rates, on his website: Ben also has a free newsletter where he posts interviews with authors and other creatives at Ben has a BA in English, an MA in English Curriculum, and a PhD in Educational Leadership. He has lectured overseas and is an award-winning filmmaker